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WELCOME TO MY BLOG! ShowMe Travels and Tours😊 "I AM A SURVIVOR"

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

My name is Vicky, allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. As you travel the world with me -as an Independent Travel Agent..

You see in 2014 , Wow sometimes I can't believe it. I was diagnose with Cancer and Avascular Necrosis , still today working through my diagnosis . I tell you this why , to show and explain to you, that I refused to allow this to block my passion and dreams of travel of helping individuals like yourself to learn and explorer the wonderful adventures of travel. Most important to believe in oneself.

Cancer and it's effect can be debilitating leaving you to learn the new you. Some may second guess what he/she can and can't do .. As I smile at the warrior in me. I've learned that the only limitations are the limitations that you allow yourself to except.

As I embark on this journey and many adventures with you. I've chosen to help many to stop second guessing and to "JUST DO IT" , BECAUSE YOU CAN and you will.

Well My mission is simple to show anyone out there and /or family members with a life threatening illness. That it's not a death sentence to give up, never except that ..

Live your dreams.

Limitation are only placed if you believe they're there

On my blog post, I'll share wonderful Tips on travel

Always remember dream and Do it Big...



How many of you have thought to yourselves, I need to get away. Yet constantly find excuses of putting it off.. STOP IT. Lets plan your BUCKET -LIST . For planning is the key to a successful trip. Are you ready? Tell me where you'd like to go things you'd like to see and lets do it.

It's time to say what am I waiting on. Stop procrastinating. I'm going to gather my friends, family members or just myself and travel the world . For life is short... Tell me what's your Get-Away Adventure and start planning today. Travel to those far way locations like Japan ,Europe,The Netherlands, Africa, Australia just to name a few or maybe to one of many remote Islands Hawaii,Caribbean Islands or set sail on a Fantastic Cruise to numerous destinations.


Did you know that you can plan your travels here. With my full service packages on land air and sea. right from my blog site.

email me : at and lets start discussing you travel plans today,

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