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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Welcome to my Blog!

Tell me where you'd Like to Travel?


Quick Tips :

1. Start preparing your necessary travel Documents. It's a good rule of thumb to invest in a passport . Must passport applications take @ 4-6 weeks . So

allow yourself plenty of time before your departure.

2. Decide on a budget. The earlier the better. Especially, if your planning on traveling during peek seasons. This is when travel tends to be more costly.

3. Choose your Destination. Determine if you will be using Travel insurance to protect your investment and family. Find a Travel Agent. Most individual don't realize that the supplier are the ones that pays the agents, not (you the traveler) ...So knowing this sit back and relax and let the Experts work for you through the supplier. 4. Book your accommodations and means of travel. Cruise,Train, Rentals,or Airfare.

5. Don't Procrastinate- before leaving, weeks in advance you should determine what needs to be taken care of before your travels. Example: Contact your credit card companies of your plans . Pay off Bills before leaving. Schedule and alert your Postmaster to place a hold on mail. It's wise to contact your bank to notify them of your travel dates. Make copies of important documents in case of emergency.

6. Pack a few days to a week early. This will help prevent stress and running around the day before your travel plans.

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